I was diagnosed with breast cancer 
I could deal with that 

I had to take a years leave from my job?
I could deal with that 

Losing my hair? 
Dealt with that 

The cancer went to my brain
I guess I could deal with that..

Two brain surgeries? 
I dealt with that

Being retired at 26?
I (unhappily) dealt with that

Losing my voice? 
I can (somewhat) deal with that

Losing the use of my right hand?
Devastating. I’m still dealing with that

It’s recommended I use a walker?
I sadly have to deal with that

Staying at home all day?
It’s lonely but I deal with that 


Losing the right to govern my own body?

Losing my sense of pride?

Slowly losing myself? 

I just can’t deal with that. 
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