(un)common: what will make you different?

You have to be tougher. You have to learn the way to beat your path through, to make yourself felt, and make yourself necessary.”  
 - Grace Coddington

Mark Cuban spent 7 years developing his first business idea.
Steve Jobs started the largest technology company in his parents garage.
The founder of second cup was once a panhandler on Toronto streets, homeless. 
Jay-Z sold CD's from his car and lived in one of the most dangerous neighbourhoods in Brooklyn.

"Everyone tells you how they're going to be "special", but few do the work to get there. Do the work."
- Mark Cuban

Don't trade in what you want for yourself in the future for what you want now. Create opportunities. Don't get comfortable because it's easy. Don't cry when things get hard. 

What I'm pondering on today.

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