(un)Acheivable: Do what you love

(shamless puppy picture...Tucker is the best brother I never had growing up)

I know a lot of my friends and loved ones have been asking me "where I've been lately". I thought I'd take some time to shed some light on my current situation!

I wish I could find the words to describe passion, but the best way I can put it is this:

Getting so incredibly stoked about an idea or a project, that when I close my eyes my stomach does flip flops. I internally have a dance party to Da Rude's Sandstorm. It's like being on a sugar high of some sort of skittles/pop rocks/fun dip/nerds concoction.  Basically it's the kind of excited that has me jumping on my couch circa Tom-Cruise-on-Oprah.

(What do you mean this isn't the Websters definition of "passion"? Am I the only one who is comfortable using Tom Cruise in a comparison? Oh...)

This last month I've been having the above feelings more frequently then not, and I think this is how I've come to realize that business is my passion. I could say I've been fairly lucky, but I'm starting to believe recently that there isn't such thing as "luck". Luck actually looks a lot like putting overtime in at work, thinking and reflecting 24/7, and finding yourself in odd situations that somehow lead to creative opportunities. However it's happened, I've found myself in a pretty great place. Business is booming. Literally!
Granted, at first I was very nervous. This meant choosing a lifestyle: one that left little free time, no weekends, no "lazing around". Less partying (& I have been known to love a good party). A lifestyle I saw my parents choose and never quite understood.

I always saw others and thought: so-and-so is so musically talented, good at math, excelling at sports. You get the idea: I think we've all felt that way before. There's so much out there. I guess sometimes you have to try a few things before you find what you're meant to do.

It's sad because I don't believe enough people go out and find (or are given the opportunity) to find something they're truly passionate about. With having so many social anxieties in high school, there isn't really much opportunity to learn who you "are" until after you're out in the real world! And even then, there is so much pressure to choose a university and a career path by the age of 17 that how is anyone supposed to find that thing that they're meant to do?

Anyways: Lots of big ideas, lots of inspirational people, lots of work to be done - but I've definitely found that when you have the passion, the work comes secondary.

 (always leaving time to be with my little family & enjoying what little relaxing time I do have!)



(september) is the new (october)

Hello, Kate!
Today I'm happy because...

- the chilly weather means snuggling under all of my blankets, watching Orange is the New Black and ordering pho soup for takeout (mmm)
- All of the e-courses from A Beautiful Mess are on sale 25% off (how am I supposed to choose just one!?)
- I took a leap of faith and mixed my love for scrapbooking with my love for collaging (pictures to come!)
- You can order 6 issues of Vogue for $6 here (seriously.)
- I'm reading a book that I'm prematurely declaring the next Harry Potter - the cover also glows in the dark (!!)
- Jeff has begun taking out his camera again and he really has a knack for it. I love watching him do something he loves.

I'm only 17 days late to the season, but Happy September. I've come to terms that September is the new October. As in, I am okay with the fact that we will not be getting anymore 30 degree days as we've had in past Septembers. Chilly weather prevails - I'm ready to embrace fall now! Well, fall sweaters anyways.



weekly (un)wind: goodbye, summer

(a beautiful august wedding)
I know I sound like someone that should be quoted on shit girls say, but this summer has gone by so quickly.

Summer has always been my favorite season. My worst nightmare is bulky clothing and itchy sweaters. I should really move somewhere that's hot year round. I was hoping for an Indian summer that lasted until late September, but the weather lately has been the complete opposite!

I'll always remember this summer as a season that stretched me to my limits, work-wise. Even though I can place a lot of pressure and be very hard on myself, I love to see my personal growth. 
(date nights w/ jeff, boat rides & a brand new book from my favorite bloggers
Outside of work, I am so happy I had the opportunity this summer to take a getaway to Toronto, see a couple amazing concerts, spend the day at a cottage with some of my closest friends, and have endless valencia oranges at Starbucks with Jeff.
(beach reads)
A perfect summer wedding, decorating my place in bright pops of colour, eating my weight (and maybe more..) in sushi, reading a few great (and not-so-great) books, "blurred lines", and my new tattoo will always remind me of summer 2013.

Jeff loves fall, and I have to say that I'm excited to have nice hair again - ugh, humidity. Ever since I've been out of school, I still see the start of September as a time for getting back to routine.
                        (project life - my new scrapbook! having fun remembering the details from the last few months.)

One of my best friends was talking about her personal goals now that she's finished university. I place a lot of focus on my work, and I would like to find a better work/life balance and achieve some of my personal goals. Some are silly, and some are things that have been on my list for a long time. Maybe one day I'll share them here!

Coming from someone that has never been able to keep a personal agenda for more then a month, I really want a way to keep myself motivated. This seems easy enough - make a concrete list, cross it off when something gets done. We'll see how I do!

What's on your list of "goals" this fall? 

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